Helping Non-Profits Share Their Unique Stories and Engage Audiences Through Video

You have a story. We have a camera.

Regular Guy Creative is a video production company serving the creative needs of non-profit organizations in the St. Louis Metro area. We provide a full-range of production services including videography, photography, editing, sound design and motion graphics to help clients share their stories of impact with the community. We can help you stand out and clearly showcase your mission and purpose to program participants, volunteers, donors and the community as a whole.

Simply put, there is no medium more effective than video for authentically articulating the purpose of your organization and the incredible work that you do. Our videos can help you bring attention to the problem you are striving to solve and highlight your various efforts to make the world a better place.

Regular Guy Creative offers a variety of cost-effective video production options for all kinds of videos, including:

    • Fundraising Videos
    • Gala/Event Videos
    • Volunteer Profile Videos
    • Behind the Mission Videos
    • Social Media Campaign Videos

We have the creative spark, production experience and technological savvy to produce high quality visual media to support your cause and further your mission. Working together we can develop visual content to help you make an even greater impact, drive connection and create engagement. We look forward to communicating your unique story so that you can better engage your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Your organization is doing amazing things. We can help you share your story with the world!

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