About Regular Guy Creative

About Regular Guy Creative:

Regular Guy Creative is a video production company based in Maryville, IL. We serve clients by providing a full-range of production services including videography, editing, sound design and motion graphics. We have everything needed to take a story from a simple idea all the way through to a finished product that can be shared with the world.

We place particular emphasis on serving the needs of non-profits and public sector organizations that often do not have the budgets to afford the services of larger production companies or the staff capacity to produce quality content independently.

We understand that not every project needs fancy bells and whistles, such as drone flyovers, long tracking steadicam shots, or music video style editing – things that all look really cool, but ultimately add considerable cost to a project. We also believe that not every project requires multiple crew members to deliver a quality product. We operate under the belief that sometimes…maybe even most of the time…simple is better.

That notion is part and parcel with everything we do. It’s who we are. It’s what we call…the Regular Guy way of doing things.

We are fully cognizant that we don’t have all the tools, resources and manpower that many of the other production houses in town have at their disposal.  But we don’t view that as a handicap. If anything, we see it as an advantage. We are smaller, more flexible, and don’t have nearly as many costs to recuperate in the course of doing business. We are in turn able to pass this savings on to clients, delivering quality products at a fraction of the price.

But, while simplicity is our mantra, our approach is completely professional. We utilize 4K cameras for all videography, and high quality microphones and recorders for sound. We also have all the additional tools necessary to make sure the final product looks and sounds top notch. Combine that with years of audio and video production experience and a passion for elevating brands through compelling storytelling, and you have a winning combination that will make your organization look and sound great!

Seth Treptow, Owner + Producer

A communications jack of all trades, Seth is a multi-talented media producer with more than 15 years of professional experience in the audio and visual realm. He is a skilled visual communicator who knows his way around the Adobe Create Suite, but his true loves are video production and digital filmmaking. He is most at home with a camera in hand and loves finding creative ways to elevate brands through visual storytelling. A 2001 graduate of the Mass Communications department at SIU Edwardsville, Seth’s professional career includes several years of broadcast journalism and more than a decade of non-profit and public sector communications and marketing. In addition to his work with Regular Guy Creative, Seth is the Communications Manager for Great Rivers Greenway, a position that allows him to combine two of his greatest passions – visual storytelling and living life outside.

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