Production Costs

Production Costs:

Top Notch Storytelling at Affordable Prices

Video production can be a very expensive endeavor…but it doesn’t have to be. We strive to make our video production costs affordable with services to meet every budget. Regular Guy Creative will work with you to find solutions that achieve your storytelling goals without breaking the bank.

Custom Storytelling | Varies by Project

Following the full process outlined in our What We Do page, we will work with clients to develop a customized approach that meets their needs. Costs will vary from project to project, and factors such as finished video length, number of shoots needed for the project, desired turnaround time and the amount of travel required will influence the estimate.

Quotes will be based on the following production rates:

  • Pre-Production Services: Including scripting, budgeting, scheduling and all the other fun stuff that has to be done before we start rolling video to make your magic happen.
  • Production: This is when we will capture all the footage we need to tell your story effectively. Depending upon the amount of footage we need to capture and the amount of locations we need to hit, we offer either hourly or day rates to fit any situation.
    $1,000 Full Day (up to 10 Hours) | $500 Half Day (up to 5 hours) | $150/hour (2-hour minimum)
  • Post-Production: This is where we bring it all together. We will first log all the footage and other materials and then get to work editing your awesome new video.
    Logging Footage: $50/hour  | Editing: $100/hr

Just let us know what you have in mind! We would love to provide you with a quote.

Because we know many clients may just be starting off on their video adventures, Regular Guy Creative is pleased to offer two cost effective packages to allow organizations and entrepreneurs to start telling their stories, even on a tight budget.

The overall process for both of these options is roughly the same as the fully customized option, but we operate on a much stricter production schedule with expedited pre-production and editing processes. Because we are working with less source material, these budget videos can typically be completed and returned to the client for final approval within a day or two. If you are operating on a tight budget…or if you just want to see if this crazy video thing is really for you…one of these storytelling options might be just the ticket you are looking for. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will be happy to schedule a shoot!

One Shoot…One Site Storytelling | $1,000

This is an excellent option for non-profits or small businesses that have a great story to tell but limited budgets to work with. Our videographer will come to your office or other location of your choosing for two hours, shoot up to 3 interviews and capture all the additional footage needed for the video. The footage will be edited into a 2-3 minute video complete with simple graphics and royalty-free background music.

One Voice Storytelling | $500

A good choice for Etsy stores, Kickstarter campaigns or anyone operating on a tight budget but still wanting to capitalize on the marketing power of video. Our videographer will come to your location for one hour, conduct an interview with you and then capture additional footage of you in your element, just doing what you do best. The footage will be edited into at 1-2 minute video complete with simple graphics and royalty-free background music.

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